Photo by  Anna-Tia Buss

Photo by Anna-Tia Buss

Growing up in Appalachia, I became interested in photojournalism while documenting my own family. Since leaving home to attend Western Kentucky University, photojournalism has been an excuse to get to know beautiful and complicated people. These individuals, whose faces fill this site, have all taught me something new. Through my experiences in this work, I have generated an interest in womanhood and identity, but will always feel content listening and learning from the kind and open people who let me into their lives.

In three years at Western Kentucky University, I've worked as a photo editor for the Talisman magazine and a staff photographer for the College Heights Herald. I'm also the secretary of the student chapter of NPPA and have interned at the Gallup Independent. I'm currently studying at the Danish School of Media and Journalism and will intern at the Tulsa World in the Summer of 2018. 


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