Kisha Knapp takes a break from sewing to join four of her five children as they play in the floor of their home. Kisha and her husband John did not plan on having children at all due to medical issues, but are now parents of 5 children, both adopted and biological, and are in the process of adopting one more. 
 Kisha instructs her four youngest children to make shapes and letters with plato during their homeschooling session. Kisha majored in Education in college, but instead decided to be a stay-at-home mom, which includes a role as teacher. "They don't just read textbooks," Kisha said. "We want them to use our brains and get creative. That's our goal."
 Kisha drinks coffee while the kids have snacks. Though Kisha lives a very active lifestyle, she suffers from fibromyalgia, resulting in chronic fatigue among other symptoms. She depends on coffee to give her the energy she needs to take care of her 5 children.
 Zeke (center) waits as his parents prepare salads for the family's lunch of salad and eggs. John and Kisha focus on preparing food for their children that is not processed, partially due to Anna and Tanner's sensitive digestive systems as well as its cost efficiency. "Costco is our best friend," the couple joked.
 John plays baseball with Zeke while Kisha relaxes with the rest of their children in the family's yard.
 The family celebrates as Anna completes the cup game, where the objective is to knock down rows of red solo cups with a "hat" made of tights with a softball in each foot. This game is one part of "yard olympics", a family tradition occurring monthly.   
 Kisha and Andy,10, embrace while the kids play on the swing set after a long day of school work and play time. "It's a neat little connection they all have, and while it's hard, I wouldn't change it at all," Kisha said. "Actually, it's pretty awesome."   
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