Nicole  puts on her headscarf while getting ready to take her son to school and go to radiation. "When I'm wearing my scarf, I feel powerful. I feel like people don't see that I'm sick as quickly," she said. 
 Nicole rubs the hair of her son Memphis, 12, as they eat breakfast together. "When he was born, he was only three pounds and we didn't think he'd make it.  Now we've both looked death in the face," Nicole said.
 Nicole Coltrin, 37, was diagnosed with breast cancer on November 1, 2015. After completing chemotherapy treatment and starting radiation, Nicole's doctor examines her chest to see if the effects of radiation are visible on the affected area. Nicole had a single mastectomy in November, but could not afford to have a double mastectomy. "One of the biggest struggles of this has been financial," Nicole said. "People give, but it all goes to research. It doesn't get to people like me."
 Nicole takes pills in the kitchen of her home. "When you have cancer, doctors prescribe pills for everything," she says. "I don't like it, though. I just take what I have to."
 Nicole exercises at Workout Anytime. "I'm addicted to exercise," she said. Shortly after, though, her doctor suggested that she avoid the gym until further notice.
 Nicole helps Memphis with his homework at the Bob Kirby Branch of the Warren County Public Library. "I'm a busy cancer patient," Nicole said. "I have a job and a son; I'm tired."
 Nicole hugs her mother before leaving for radiation. She reluctantly moved in with her parents after receiving her diagnosis in October. Now, she and her mother share a lot of the responsibilities that come along with raising a twelve year old. "We don't always get along, but she's been there for Memphis and me when no one else has," Coltrin said.
 Nicole wakes Memphis before school. Though Memphis's room is directly beside of his mother's, he often sleeps on this recliner next to her bed so that they can be closer.
 Nicole fills in her eyebrows as part of her makeup routine. Of the routine, she said "I'm just trying to look less sick, less like a cancer patient."
 Nicole and Memphis laugh while watching videos together. After having a bone scan the day before, Nicole rests in her bedroom while Memphis checks on her and keeps her company. "I'm a strong woman," she said. "I can't wallow up and cry in my bed. My son will see that. He has to see that I will be okay, that we'll be okay."
 Nicole smiles after walking her dog at the park, which is one part of the workout routine she has maintained since remission. "I have a constant fear of reoccurance, but I know that even if it comes back or spreads or metastasizes, I can take chemo and I can fight. You have a choice to fight in everything that you do."
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