Five Days at Home

excerpt from my journal: 

I’m home. The boys are taller, Gabi looks older, and Faith has a ring on her finger. There are still so many consistencies: the constant coffee, the cheeseburger dinners, and the constant volume of it all. I have just been photographing with my iPhone but there is so much to hold on to, so many stories: Gabi becoming a woman, Faith becoming a wife, all that is my mother. I see the maternal parts of myself surface here, I see how my hips can hold a sleepy Spencer and how good I am at getting Ray to go to sleep and wake up. This week I'll visit my dad, too. In all this, I’m photographing constantly but without an angle. Not everything fits perfectly but I am content with who I am in this place and hope to be a good daughter, sister, and granddaughter during the short time I'm here