Diana Loe, Jonica Louis, and Calouna Zamor rest together in the shade between events at the Collier County Athletic Conference track and field meet at Naples High School on April 6, 2019.

A member of the congregation waits in the doorway at First Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fifty-eight years ago, Pastor Martin Luther King visited the church where 1,500 Oklahomans gathered to hear his message of unity.

Contestants celebrate after the Miss Black Western beauty pageant in Bowling Green, KY. Forty-six years ago, Miss Black Western was established by Alpha Kappa Alpha when Black women were not allowed to compete for Homecoming queen. Every year, the sorority sponsors the pageant for African-American women on Western’s campus.

Kyle Crutchmer wrestles with his brother, Brian Crutchmer, at Apollo’s Martial Arts inTulsa, Oklahoma.

A family shoots roman candles and other fireworks in their backyard on Independence Day in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Wednesday, July 4 2018.

Cher Wellman talks to a parrot at Bird Gardens of Naples on Thursday, June 20, 2019.

My sister Gabi at our home in Sandgap, KY.

Alyssa Yarnell and her daughter MacKenzie at their home in Tulsa, OK. Yarnell grew up with a single mother who had a drug addiction and sold drugs from their home. Though Alyssa was determined her own motherhood would be different, Alyssa became addicted to heroin and eventually lost custody of her daughter MacKenzie. After prison time, rehabilitation facilities, and attempts to get clean on her own, Alyssa was admitted to Women in Recovery, an 18-month intensive recovery program. Alyssa knew that she wanted to go due to her responsibility to her daughter and her desire to be a good mother.“I had let my daughter down enough and I was done,” Alyssa said. “When I left for Women in Recovery, I explained it to Kenzie by saying that I had made bad choices and that I was going there to make better ones, to be a better mom and person.”

Aleena Ali adjusts her veil while praying with her friends and family at her home in Naples during Ramadan.

Lexie Reed, 2017 winner of the Miss Black Western beauty pageant in Bowling Green, KY. Reed said at her university, she is one of three Black girls in most of her classes. “My scholarly personality has kept her from fitting in, but the pageant allowed me to be in the presence of other intelligent Black women. I feel comfortable and myself.”

. Corpus Christie is celebrated in Immokalee, FL.

Harmony Hawkes runs through her cousin's backyard in Brownsville, KY.

Walisha Bryant and her daughter Coco stand together at the Collier Fair in Naples on March 21, 2019.

Shanaci Fleming lures horses away from a fire at her neighbors house in Turley, Oklahoma.

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