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Forty-eight years ago, Miss Black Western was established at Western Kentucky University when Black women were not allowed to compete for Homecoming queen. Every year since, the pageant has been open to Black women across campus. Though the purpose of the pageant has changed since its origin, pageant chair Calvion Tandy said its goal is the same.

“The goal of the pageant is, and always has been, to build confidence in women,” Tandy said. “We will continue to move forward and pursue the wishes of those that came before us.”

Ashley King practices on stage. 

Alexus Reed applies eyeshadow to Brazil Smith just a few hours before the pageant begins.

Ayanna Cox and Kelsey Oden zip the dress of Keyvon King.

Kevonne King gets ready for the pageant. 

Danielle McHenry pauses before going on stage.

The pageant opens with a group dance routine

Alexus Reed wins the Miss Black Western pageant. 

Contestants celebrate after the Miss Black Western beauty pageant.

Ashley King sits down after the pageant.

Brazil Smith

Alexus Reed

Ayanna Cox 

Kelsey Oden

Hailey Whitehead 

Kevonne King

Ashley King 

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