Shanaci Fleming lures horses away from a fire at her neighbors house in Turley, Oklahoma. Shanaci and her siblings guessed that the fire was the result of a meth lab explosion, but the fire department said that the cause could not be determined.

Jamontra Willis talks with fellow graduates at the DickConner Correctional Facility in Hominy, Oklahoma. More than 40 men incarceratedat the facility received various certificates through the Tulsa Community College’sCorrections Education program.

Mackenzie visits her mother Alyssa in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After she was released from jail in 2017, Alyssa began Women inRecovery, a rehabilitation program for women with non-violent, drug-relatedsentences in Oklahoma. "I had let my daughter down enough," Alyssa said of her decision to enter the program.

 Malaysia Copeland braids the hair of her sister Serenity on the front porch of their home in Frankfort, Kentucky.

A member of the congregation stands in the doorway of FirstBaptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fifty-eight years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a sermon on the pulpit. 

Adam Jones and Scott Garrison pray together during the watch party for 1st Congressional District Candidate Kevin Hern in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Family members celebrate the Fourth of July together inTulsa, Oklahoma.

Attendees at the Kentucky Oaks at Churchill Downs inLouisville, Kentucky,

Harmony runs through her cousin's front yard in Brownsville, Ky. Harmony is in foster care with the Hawks family. Her foster mother Jessica says that Harmony has undiagnosed ADD and ADHD. "She should've been named hurricane," she said.

Alexis Reed, winner of the Miss Black Western pageant,stands for a portrait in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Reed said at WKU, she is oneof three Black girls in most of her classes. Her scholarly personality has kepther from fitting in, but she said the pageant created a presence of intelligentBlack women where she could feel comfortable.

Juliet Roy waits for the serve at the All-State Tennis Match in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Residents and guests of Pawhuska, Oklahoma celebrate theFourth of July with a parade through downtown Pawhuska. 

Reed’s Community Foundation boxing gym in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

People gather in solidarity at a candlelight vigil as part of the first Diné Pride event in Window Rock, Arizona on June 30, 2017. Though the Navajo people used to recognize four genders, LGBT individuals face discrimination on the reservation. Many blame this on the lasting effects of colonization.

Members of the First Baptist Church pray together in Tulsa,Oklahoma.

My grandpa leads his horses on his farm in Annville,Kentucky.

Mackenzie while visiting with her mother Alyssa Yarnell in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since Alyssa graduated a drug rehabilitation program, Mackenzie visits on weekends when her father allows. When Alyssa left for the program, she told Mackenzie she had made bad choices and was going there to learn how to make better ones, to be a better mom and a better person.

Paige Henderson dances with her teammate Melody Dickerson in their dorm room at Western Kentucky University. Both women are part of the Major Redz, a majorette-style dance group at WKU.“You get to be sassy sometimes, then you get to be a ballerina,” Dickerson said.

Alicia Forbit goes for a swim aftervisiting her husband Chris in prison. Despite the heat of the Oklahoma summer,visitors at Dick Conners are required to wear conservative clothing. After the 4-hourdrive and 6-hour visit, Alicia shed her layers and plunged into the river. Shehas visited every Saturday for the last 3 years and will continue to do sountil Chris is released.

 Former Oklahoma State University All-American wrestlerand top MMA prospect Kyle Crutchmer wrestles with his brother at Apollo’s Gymin Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Participants prepare for a rodeo in Window Rock, Arizona.

The Angels huddle together after their softball game in Gallup, New Mexico.

Treaty day celebration in Crownpoint, New Mexico. 

Lisa Ortiz receives chemotherapy in Gallup, New Mexico.Ortiz was diagnosed with brain cancer just days after her daughter wasdiagnosed with breast cancer. 

Randy and Karen O'Burke in Hendersonville, Tenessee. Photographed for NPR

Richard Langford and his mother Leeta play the pianotogether at their home in Nashville, Tennessee. Photographed for NPR

A couple dances in Gallup, New Mexico during a Fourth of July Celebration.

Alicia Forbit and Madison Greene swim together in the river after visiting Alicia's husband Chris in prison. The pair traveled 4 hours in the car and were able to spend 6 in the visiting room of Dick Conners Correctional Facility, the same room in which Alicia and Chris  were married in 2 years prior.

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