b. 1997 Annville, Kentucky

Morgan is documentary photographer from eastern Kentucky.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Photojournalism from Western Kentucky and studied at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.  She is currently an MFA candidate in Art and Social Practice from Portland State University.

She is currently based near Chattanooga, TN and available for assignment.

Email: morgan.hornsby@outlook.com 

Cell: (606) 493-6989


The New York Times, NPR, Vox, The Guardian, New York Magazine, National Geographic, Der Spiegel, Southerly, The Marshall Project


Shooting First and Asking Questions Later, The Marshall Project, August 2021

Where Police Killings Often Meet With Silence: Rural America, The New York Times, August 2021

A Music Festival Wedding with Two Grooms as the Main Event, The New York Times, August 2021

Are You a Glennon or an Abby?The New York Times, May 2021

Elk Return to Kentucky, Bringing Economic Life, The New York Times, June 2020 

“Stranger Fruit”: Black Mothers and the Fear of Police Brutality, The Marshall Project, March 2021 

'They deserve to be heard': Sick and dying coal ash cleanup workers fight for their lives,The Guardian, August 2020

‘The Cocoon of Quarantine,’ Thirty-eight views into what social distancing looks like around the world, The Cut, April 2020

Pageants of the Navajo Nation, The Cut, August 2018 

The Poetry Of Prison: A Photographer Looks At The Lives Of Oklahoma's Incarcerated, NPR, December 2019

Poetic Justice in Photographs, The Tulsa World, August 201 8 


2021 Graduate of Western Kentucky University 

2021 New York Times Portfolio Review 

2019 Eddie Adams Workshop 

2018 Danish School of Media and Journalism

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